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What have we done?

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The Zerocoin protocol allows for users to mint zCGS in exchange for CGS and to transact that zCGS anonymously. Upon receipt of zCGS the receiver can convert it back into CGS. This allows for completely anonymous transactions.

Check our GitHub and grab it now!

Proof of Stake

Transition successfully from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.

Captegis successfully passed over to Proof of Stake at 07:58:49 AM on 10/01/2018 (UTC)!

Make sure you have the latest wallet version to enable staking.


Masternodes are essentially a decentralized web of computers that serve the Captegis network. Masternodes perform important network functions and receive part of the block rewards. They serve the Captegis ecosystem by stabilizing coin supply, processing transactions, and securing the network. Masternodes require 5000 CGS and modest technical knowledge to operate. Any wallet controlling 5000 CGS can set up a masternode.

Masternodes were launched in conjunction with the launch of Captegis on October 1st 2018.

New Block Explorer

We have completed and released a new Block Explorer

View it Live here

Win, Linux, MacOS Core Wallets

Build and release wallet for the Linux, Windows and MacOS platforms.

You can download these now at our GitHub

We will be continuing to update and release new versions of these wallets.

Social Media Presence

In order to maintain a strong community and open up avenues for marketing we have made ourselves visible on various social media platforms.

Keep up to date on Captegis developments and join the community on:






Token Roadmap