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Development Timeline


Q4 2018


A technical document that provides an informative look at the beginning of Captegis, what comprises the project, and what future goals include.

Q4 2018


A condensed two page document of the Captegis Whitepaper. Includes a more simplified explanation for expedited insight into the Captegis Project’s Substance and Goals.

Q4 2018

Paper Offline Wallets

A paper wallet is simply a public and private key printed together. It is an offline wallet, and is usually regarded as a type of “cold storage” (extra-secure storage that does not make contact with the hackable internet).

Q1 2019

Marketplace Whitepaper

The first draft of the Captegis Marketplace whitepaper will be released.

Q2 2019

Atomic Swaps

Captegis will integrate and enable atomic swaps with other supported blockchains.

Q3 2019

Captegis Marketplace (ALPHA)

ALPHA will be the long-awaited decentralized marketplace dApp. The Market alpha release of the marketplace will be bare bones to start as users begin to test and progress through the buying and selling process.

Q4 2019

Market Listing Governance

The Marketplace Governance system will allow users to self-moderate the content listed on Captegis Marketplace. This system is entirely controlled by the community and no Captegis team member or staff has any authority over the content of the marketplace.

Q4 2019


Multiwallets will allow you to set up multiple wallets within the same Captegis Desktop client, dramatically increasing your security, privacy, and usability by isolating your data and history used on different profiles.

Q1 2020

Captegis Marketplace (BETA)

The Beta version of Captegis Marketplace will introduce several new critical features to its mainnet deployment. Among these changes, users can expect to see the Marketplace Governance mechanism as well escrow system. On top of that, other less critical features might be included as well, including private listings and markets, deposit negotiations, multiwallets, settings page, and more.

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